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Global Warming  

Global Warming

is doing collateral damage

to the environment

thrashing our roadways

byways blocking every

conceivable access point

There is no suit fitting

for Global Warming

threatening heavy downfalls

flooding our gullies, gutters,

demolishing culverts, over

rising river banks

messing up all of Virginia, Texas

rising sea level

Global Warming could be blamed for everything

even the IMF agrees

there is no seeming end

to the onslaught

of whipping rains

beating down on my brow

the physics department do all

they can to limit the

rising temperatures but because

of us.

We are our worse enemies can’t make the two per cent

We will suffer the contentious consequences, the struggle

between man and nature

but which one is the nature

and who is the man?

Unfortunately we can’t boycott

earth, not alive at least.

Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson



Santa Mas  

Dem teck di Christ

Outta Christmas

And put a ‘x’ like

Dem a vote

Den dem call it ‘X-mas’

And put di Season in Red


But I really call it

‘Santa Mas’

‘Cause di Christ in Christmas


And between di kids

And busy parents

Di Christmas gone pon

Shopping Spree

Di Season get so commercial

Pon di T.V Station dem

Not one ting bout Jesus birth

Just Santa, Reindeer and his Elves

Some people will argue, that

The Season’s meaning

Is still kept

But I’m here to counter

That under the carpet it is swept

I don’t want to wait on Easter

To watch movies on Christ

Dash wey X-mas

Dash wey Santa Mas

And bring di focus

Back on Christ.

Lisa Gaye Taylor


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