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The Police High Command has highlighted the lack of public order in Montego Bay as one of the major problems to be addressed in the fight against crime in that city.

“We recognise that the traffic congestion, the vending, the disorder in the town; we will have to take a far more stringent approach,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake explained during an interview Tuesday on RJR’s Beyond the Headlines .

The senior police officer was speaking against the background of Monday’s top level meeting concerning the crime problem gripping the parish of St James.

That meeting focused on reviewing and modifying strategies which are already in place.

The meeting was held at the Police Commissioner’s Office against the background of more than 300 people being murdered in St. James since the start of the year.

“You must understand that, if you a division that is giving you in excess of 300 murders, then you have to review your policing tactics and your strategies,” DCP Blake explained.

He disclosed that, as part of the process, the police made use of personnel who had served previously in the St. James division and other stakeholders “to review, going into 2018, what are the things that we can build on and what are the things that we can build on and what we need to do differently, in order to create a safer environment for the citizens of St. James.”





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