Trinidad Express / ATTORNEYS Gerald Ramdeen and Varun Dabideen, who both represented a dead man in a civil claim for two years following his death, may now have to repay thousands of dollars to the State after the Court of Appeal yesterday found a wasted costs order should have been made against them.

Even though the court accepted that neither attorney was aware at the time their client had died, the judges said it was “unimaginable” that, for two years, the attorneys did not attempt to make contact with him even though the court matter had been ongoing.

The three-judge panel, headed by Chief Justice Ivor Archie, ruled that High Court judge Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh, before whom the matter was being heard, erred in law when he dismissed an application by the State last year to have Ramdeen and Dabideen repay the money. That money represents the funds used by the State in defending the claim.


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