Trinidad Express / THE broken cable barriers installed along the highway to prevent catastrophic crossover crashes, is engaging the attention of the Ministry of Works, says Minister Rohan Sinanan.

Speaking with the Express via telephone on Wednesday, Sinanan said there was an issue with outstanding bill payments to contractors which since been sorted.

The barriers have been credited with saving lives by preventing vehicles from careening into oncoing traffic. But after the collisions, the cables have not been repaired along several location along the highway.

Sinanan said he expects repair works to start before January.

“We had some issue in terms of the funding, we had some outstanding bills but we have since spoken to the contractors and we are engaging them to have them repaired going forward. The Permanent Secretary have been engaging the contractor to have them repaired. I am hoping before January we can have them rectified,” he said.

Sinanan also spoke about the landslip issue facing the country.

He said in Trinidad there were close to 800 landslips and the Ministry if prioritising them.

“Landslides throughout the country is a big thing because of the weather conditions recently however we are prioritising them in our landslip programme which is an ongoing programme. So what we doing is we take remedial measures to ensure that the roadways are passable. And then based on the availability of funding we address them in terms of their critical nature.

There were close to 800 landslips in Trinidad, and with the rainy season I am sure it would have increased significantly,” he said.

On the flooding issue, Sinanan said there is an on-going drainage cleaning and maintenance programme being conducted throughout the country.


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