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The New Year is upon us. Another milestone passed. What of the future?

Here are 7 keys to be the best that you can be.


#1 Anchor  

The universe reflects design and order. We don’t control it, yet it operates in a controlled and regulated manner. Whether we believe that the universe is the result of the design and control of a supreme intelligence or an accident, it is an issue of faith.

Those whose faith is grounded in the supreme intelligence can be boosted by relying on this external source for support. That anchor helps them to function at their best.


#2 Vision  

Establish a vision to gain direction. Consider the futility of leaving your home without a destination. Blindfolded with respect to direction, lost with no map or end station.

Many of us are in that situation. There is no clarity as to where we want to go and no road map to get us there.

This issue of purpose, destination or road map, is a major challenge at various stages of our lives. We escape in the early years when parents, guardians and educators create our maps. The issue is especially difficult for mid-career professionals who look back on the hurdles they have cleared and are wondering “What now?”.

Many desires change to run a different race. The challenge is in identifying which race, how to train for it and how to enter it.

Will there be penalties for quitting the current race. Can I afford to quit?

What if I can’t get into another race in the short term?

Worse yet, what if I fail miserably in this new race?

Voice-in-the-head says: “You have mastered the current race. You are competitive in it and the rewards are there to prove it. Why give it up given all the risks?”

To be the best you can be, you must establish an overarching purpose and vision for your life. It might involve risking much.


#3 Network  

Technology and globalisation have produced increased competition.

It is difficult to achieve ambitious goals without the support of others. To be your best, carefully seek out and develop alliances that are mutually beneficial.

Contributing to the success of others builds strong alliances. Focus on what you can give and ultimately you will receive.


#4 Image  

Branding is critical. We need to protect and project our brand jealously.

Is it not true that images dictate what we buy?

If you had something nice to share, would you share it with someone who exudes positive energy or someone who drowns you in negativity?

Who would you rather do business with? Someone who is timid and doubtful or someone who is confident and self-assured? Image matters.

Recognise the importance of how others see you and its implications. Inspire others to support you.


#5 Goals  

Goal setting is important because it gives us a target to work towards while providing a means of measuring our progress.

We can’t be our best if we are not stretched. However, repeated failure to achieve goals can lead to frustration and self-doubt.

Avoid the desire for swift, over-the-top results. Being your very best can take time and requires patience.

After retiring at age 55, Taikichiro Mori founded the business that gave him the Forbes ranking as the richest man in the world in 1991 and 1992.

Harland Sanders (40) cooked chicken at his service station. Eventually, he moved to a motel and restaurant that seated 142 people and worked as the chef. Over the next nine years, he perfected his method of cooking chicken that used the same 11 herbs and spices that are used today at KFC.

You might not feel that you have done the best that you can. It is not too late. You can still make the breakthrough and be the best that you can be.


#6 Strategy  

Being your best requires a viable strategy. You need a workable plan. Develop one that is a good fit for you. Design a plan that you can follow passionately. Ensure that it brings benefit to others.


#7 Diligence  

Hard work and commitment pays dividends. Pursue goals diligently. When fear and doubt assail, be determined not to fail.


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