RT / US President Donald Trump is allegedly planning to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as early as next week, international media report, citing unnamed sources within the US administration. No official confirmation has been issued yet. Trump is considering delivering a speech or issuing a statement in which he would announce Jerusalem’s recognition as the Israeli capital, on Wednesday, AP and Reuters report, citing White House officials familiar with the issue. However, the US president is also expected to once again delay his campaign promise concerning the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

He is also likely to issue another six-month waiver on moving the embassy by Monday, thus continuing the policy of his predecessors, who were signing such waivers since 1995 to override a law requiring the embassy to be moved to Jerusalem.

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However, the officials also did not rule out that both decisions could eventually be changed by next week. At the same time, no official statements concerning the issue have been released by the White House. “We’ve nothing to announce,” a spokesperson with the White House National Security Council told Reuters.


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