Trinidad Express / Christmas came early for a group of families thanks to a partnership between the Just Because Foundation (JBF) and regional advocate for safe, eco-friendly cleaning, Ulti-Mate.

Last Saturday a number of children were treated to a Christmas-themed celebration filled with music, laughter, good food, and gifts at JBF’s Diego Martin. The event carried the theme ‘A celebration of shared values-bringing some holiday magic to children and their families, and based on feedback, the organizers said it was a tremendous success. Founded by Noel and Chevaughn Joseph in 2007, JBF is a non-profit organization that supports children and families of children suffering from paediatric cancer.

Affected families are offering much needed resources and a sense of community, including the use of their “home away from home” in Diego Martin. At this residence, families benefit from group therapy and a support group by sharing their experiences with others facing similar challenges.

Young Zion gets up close with the ever-lovable Santa Claus. Robert Marfleet, Ulti-Mate’s chief executive officer, said his company was inspired by the commitment of JBF founders.

“Noel and Chevaughn have dedicated their time and effort to support families in need. We at Ulti-Mate continue to be humbled by our partnership with people who share our values of family, community, and the protection of our loved ones.”

Meanwhile, Noel said: “The success of organizations such as the JBF is heavily reliant on our ability to forge tangible and sustainable relationships with various partners who understand our mission to do what we can, whenever we can, to make this tough journey a little easier for children with cancer and their families.”

Describing their work as an ongoing process, the organizers stated that the effort spent to treat the children and their families with an afternoon of socializing and seasonal surprises pays dividends in creating stronger, more compassionate communities.

These young boys gets a helping hand from Santa in enjoying their time on the swing. In light of the event’s success, representatives from Ulti-Mate and JBF encouraged the public to learn about the effects and pervasiveness of childhood cancers.

They also made a plea for individuals and corporate entities to do what they can to support local worthy causes and bring Christmas cheer to those in need.



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