Jamaica Gleaner / Winter Splash promises four nights of reggae, dancehall retro events

Held over four nights, the promoters of Winter Splash has indicated that they expect the music festival to be a major feature for the holidays, especially given its impressive line-up.

The festival kicks off on December 29 with the likes of Yellowman, Charlie Chaplin, Josey Wales, General Trees and Admiral Bailey on one night, where veteran sounds King Jammy’s will line up alongside Black Scorpio and Kilamanjaro.

December 30 is billed as the ’90s link-up, with Wayne Wonder, Frisco Kid and Terror Fabulous gracing the stage, backed by Metro Media, King Addies, Renaissance, Silver Hawk and Exodus Nuclear.

Ragashanti also returns to Jamaica to bring his brand of entertainment to the stage on New Year’s Eve, when he is joined by the LUST quartet of Thrilla U, Singing Melody, Lukie D and Tony Curtis to thrill the females.

The festival ends on New Year’s night with a night called New Year New Fyah, as Sizzla Kolonji highlights a roots show with Pressure Buss Pipe, Kabaka Pyramid and a special feature of Brigadier Jerry’s son Little Briggy.

Season bands are also available.


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