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At least two investigations have been launched, to ascertain certain facts concerning Monday night’s deadly fire at Walker’s Place of Safety in St. Andrew.

Two children died and more than 30 were displaced by the fire, the cause of which has not yet been determined.

The Ministry of Youth has disclosed that the probe will include examining the physical lay-out of the property, equipment in use at the facility as well as the policies on safety and emergency procedures.

There will apparently be a wider probe to determine safety standards at other youth and child care facilities. 

Floyd Green, State Minister in the Ministry of Education & Youth, speaking Tuesday on RJR’s Beyond the Headlines, stressed that there are several layers of information to be examined, so a holistic investigation is necessary: “I would say to the team, next week we have to hunker down and look at our protocols, match it against the last two incidents that we’ve had, see how they’re standing up, if they are working, where there are shortfalls, bring in people like the Fire Service, have them go into the homes… see if there deficiencies in our protocols…”





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