MiamiHerald / Contrary to what you may have read in Fox News and other U.S. media, the State Department, to some extent, has softened its travel advisory to Mexico, putting the country at the same level of dangerousness as Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

That’s not the impression you may get from reading the screaming headlines in the aftermath of the State Department’s Jan. 10 announcement of its newly revised travel advisory system.

“U.S. slaps highest level ‘do not travel’ warning on five Mexican states,” read the headline on the Fox News website. The story started out saying that, “The State Department unveiled a revamped travel warning system Wednesday, giving five Mexican states the sternest “do not travel” advisory alongside war-torn nations like Syria, Yemen and Somalia.”

But Fox News may have been carried away by its Mexico-bashing habit, and other media may have not taken the time to read the State Department document closely.


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