Jamaica Gleaner / WESTERN BUREAU:

The entrepreneurial spirit of Jamaicans was alive and kicking at last weekend’s Rebel Salute concert, as car mats were transformed into ‘reggae beds’, and plastic (scandal) bags into mud guards.

In fact, mud became the dominant performer at the thousands-strong festival as vendors outside the confines of Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, in Priory, St Ann, having a field day, plying their wares, while giving the herb hustlers stiff competition in the process.

Plastic bags, which regularly sell for about $5, were fetching prices of $100 each after the rains saturated the grounds, moving up to three for $500 after midnight, as a result of demand and supply. Patrons used the bags to cover their shoes and their heads.

The sweet sensimilla, usually, the ‘highlight’ of the festival, was almost forced to take a back seat this year as patrons stayed stuck to their individual spots, opting instead to savour the non-stop delivery of sweet reggae music.

On Friday night, Bushman cleared the field for singer JC Lodge to prove her prowess; while Lutan Fyah left enough flames for Glacia Robinson to douse with the holy spirit; and Ding Dong became known as the new Elephant Man, adding electricity to the event.

On Saturday night, the much-anticipated performance by Queen Ifrica was well received; however, the queen did sting in her usual controversial manner.

Saturday night was long, but the rebels who come year after year for this musical pilgrimage are so dedicated, time passes quickly for them, until January comes around again.

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