MiamiHerald / It wasn’t exactly the crime of the century, but it was enough to leave one beekeeper buzzing mad: Somebody kept swiping his bee boxes.

So after a decade of struggling with hive collapse, mites and a host of other woes that have ravaged the nation’s bee population, Miami-Dade County beekeeper Wainsworth Brown and his leasing agent hatched a plan to catch a thief.

“We’ve got a beekeeper just taking it on the chin,” said American Bee Project President Adam Locke, who connects beekeepers with landowners. “His business is suffering with the vandalism and the theft. So I told him we’d get to the bottom of it.”

So Locke and Brown rigged a camera in a remote field in the county’s northwest corner and waited. It didn’t take long to nab their suspect. But he wasn’t who they expected: a Miami Lakes pastor.


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