Jamaica Observer / KINGSTON, Jamaica — Justice Bertram Morrison this morning adjourned the trial of Michael McLean for him to reconsider his decision to fire his attorney after telling the lawyer “to go and f*** himself”. McLean, who is on trial for the 2006 murder of six members of a St Thomas family rowdily continued his tirade saying: “you lawyers are collecting millions and doing s***”. He also told the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Paula Llewellyn that she is an “ugly b****”. The accused was given time to reconsider by Morrison, who told the attorney Carlton Collman that he will refuse any application from him to withdraw after the lawyer again indicated his desire to remove himself from the case. Last Thursday, McLean indicated that he would be representing himself as his attorney Collman was not good enough to represent him. “The case not going good I will be representing myself I just need him to guide me,” said McLean. However, when the session reconvened a short while ago, McLean told the court that he wants to retain Christopher Townsend to make a “no case” submission. During his request for Townsend, McLean also reiterated his call for INDECOM and NIA to be present for him to hand over evidence of his innocence. Justice Morrison, in obliging McLean’s request for Townsend, told the accused that he is giving him one more chance and if the said attorney cannot be present the trial will proceed. The judge also made it clear that he will not be allowed to further stall the trial as he already fired eight lawyers including Collman. McLean’s previous attorneys include Tamika Harris, Michael Lorne, Zephaniah Forrest, Carolyn Reid Cameron, Vinette Grant, Gladstone Wilson, Antoinette Haughton and Queen’s Counsel Valerie Neita Robertson. Tanesha Mundle


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