Trinidad Express / A female masquerader was scolded by police officers on Carnival Monday for jumping up in a band with a six-month-old baby.

The woman dressed in full costume was chipping behind a music truck on the streets of San Fernando with the child in a sling.

But as she was about the cross the judging point with the band Lionel Jagessar and Associates at Harris Promenade the woman was stopped by a female police officer.

The senior officer warned the woman of the dangers of carrying the young child in her arms during parade of the bands.

She was advised to hand over the baby to a relative or leave with the child. The interaction was captured by Express photojournalist Trevor Watson.

The woman opted to give the baby to a relative who was standing on the roadside while she danced before the judges.

An unidentified female masquerader enjoys her mas on Carnival Monday with her baby in tow. San Fernando masman Lionel Jagessar said he observed the baby in woman’s arms earlier in the day.

His wife, Rosemarie Jagessar, cautioned the woman and asked that she did not carry the baby in her arms during the parade.

He said, “Many people come to us and say they have nowhere to leave their children. We tell them Sunday is for the children. Sometimes on Carnival Monday we allow older children to be a part of the band with their parents. But not these little ones. It is dangerous for them. The music is not good for them and then there are diseases floating around. I saw the woman with the baby. At first I did not notice the child in front of her. But when I realised it was a little baby I told my wife to talk to her and she did.”

Jagessar said he was directing the band members before the judges and was not aware that the baby was still in the mother’s arms.

He said the woman had been playing mas with his band for many years.


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