RJR News / Investigations are ongoing in Belize as to whether there was negligence on the part of the police which led to the death of a Jamaican man on the weekend.   He reportedly jumped from a moving police pickup.   Humphrey Mitchell, 44, who resided at Sarawee Village, was arrested on Saturday afternoon on a warrant.   Mr. Mitchell was placed in the open area of the pickup and while in the process of being escorted to the police station, he jumped out and landed on the road.   He sustained head and body injuries.   The incident has raised concerns in Belize about procedures involving the capture and transportation of persons by members of law enforcement.   Commander of the Professional Standards Branch, Assistant Commissioner Chester Williams, told Belize Channel 5 News that questions have arisen as to why Mr. Mitchell was not transported in the cab area of  the vehicle where there was sufficient space.  


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