MiamiHerald / As work was beginning on a much-anticipated redesign of Jungle Island , Hurricane Irma tore through the Watson Island animal park, temporarily derailing the long-awaited upgrades.

The damage from Irma’s passage has kept the park closed since September, as owners have worked to clear the wreckage.

Now, they’re planning a late spring reopening, when they will begin to debut a new line of attractions aimed at bringing locals back to the park, while they continue work on the projects that Irma impacted.

“We had to reshuffle the deck,” said Chris Gould, managing director of Jungle Island, on a tour of the attraction Wednesday. “As we were evolving into an eco-adventure park, we looked at our master plan that was going to be executed over the next few years, and looked at what elements could be executed as quickly as possible to be the attraction that people would want.”


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