MiamiHerald / Nothing ruins a fine day like an unwelcome encounter with dog excrement. That unmistakable squishing sensation underfoot triggers instant resentment. The mess, the stench, the indignity. What’s a victim to do?

Man’s best friend has always produced poop. But the poop disposal problem — whether it’s left in fresh stinky piles or carelessly discarded baggies — has become a pet peeve in cities like Miami, where the dog population is growing faster than the human population. There are nearly 90 million pet dogs in the United States today.

Dog poop scofflaws are causing friction from Homestead to Hialeah, from Little Havana to Aventura, on sidewalks and lawns all across a metropolis already steaming with hostility. Beware: Your neighbors are out to catch you brown-handed.

The war against offenders is ramping up with the deployment of spies, guilt mongers and camera-wielding snitches.


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