Trinidad Express / FOR centuries, the delicate rose has been synonymous with love and romance. Carrying on the tradition is Anelia Samuel. Like most women, Samuel loves roses. There are few things that can compare to the joy and thrill of receiving a bouquet of flowers, she says. Now with her business Zarosa Belle Luxury Bouquets which provides rose bouquets in luxurious roseboxes to suit all occasions, Samuel is surrounded by the most beautiful fresh roses you can imagine setting your eyes on. To say that she loves her present incarnation as a florist would be to state the obvious. “I’ve always loved flowers—roses are my favourite!” Samuel gushes. “I especially love receiving flowers, I think that having flowers at home makes the house even more welcoming and inviting.” The idea to start her own floral business came to Samuel last year after her husband gave her a bouquet of flowers.

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