Trinidad Express / Mayaro MP Rushton Paray reminded the Government on Tuesday that families in his constituency were also living in fear, as their homes were on the verge of collapsing into the ocean.

Last year, Paray pleaded with the Government to pay urgent attention to erosion taking place along the Guayaguayare Bay, east Trinidad.

Four houses were on the verge of collapse and families have since abandoned their homes and relocated.

He said other homes in the area were also being threatened.

Paray said the rate of erosion was about one metre per year.

He said, “I have noted the recent destruction of homes in the southwestern peninsular due to coastal erosion. I am deeply concerned as well for the residents of the Guayaguayare Bay area facing the same situation.”

Paray appealed to Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan to act immediately in bringing relief to the families in his constituency before their homes collapse.

He also called on the Government to assist by providing emergency housing for the families.

Sinanan toured the affected areas last June promising help.

He said the tour was geared towards the assessment of infrastructural as well as coastal rehabilitation works needed to address the critical needs of communities and residents in the area.

Paray also called for compensation for the affected families.

Paray said he was aware that a plan was now before Cabinet to deal with erosion along the east coast.

One of the affected homewners, Paul Rattan, said he moved out of his house in June.

Rattan said he had constructed the house about 75 feet away from the sea. Now it is about two feet away from the water and on the verge of collapse.

The Express was told that the erosion along the east coast was being investigated by the ministry’s Coastal Protection Unit (CPU).

A coastal protection programme was also formulated to address the most crucial aspects of coastal erosion, instability, and flooding incidents along the coastline of Trinidad.


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