RJR News / The eleven people nabbed on Tuesday in a major anti-narcotics operation in Westmoreland, have been charged.   The accused, including five Costa Ricans, were charged on Thursday with drug trafficking.   One thousand pounds of ganja with a street value of $4 million was seized in the operation in Sweet River.   Two cars were also seized.   Investigators say the accused are members of a major drug network involving Jamaicans, Costa Ricans and Haitians.   Those charged are 53 year old Controy Perue of Junction, St. Elizabeth, Khaili Rose, Randy Smith, Peter Thomas, Ricardo Farquharson and Fritardo James.   The Costa Ricans are Kiara Watson, Miguel Garita, Jose Arias, Edson Ariel and Jefferson Rojos.   They have also been charged with illegal entry.   The accused are booked to appear before the Westmoreland Parish Court on February 16.  


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