Jamaica Gleaner / Jamaican flour industry interests are gearing up to launch a fight against what they see as the dumping of flour, said to be imported from Trinidad & Tobago, into the local market.   

The term dumping is used to describe the practice of selling products in overseas markets for less than they are sold in the country where they are made.

General Manager of Seprod, Richard Pandohie, made the claim of dumping in an interview with the Financial Gleaner .

Noting that Seprod has been told it would not be allowed to approach the Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission on its own to pursue the matter, Pandohie says he will be joining with local rival Jamaica Flour Mills (JF Mills) to complain to the relevant authorities.

He says the phenomenon represents a clear and present danger for all.

Meanwhile, General Manager of JF Mills, Ralston Nembhard, says the Jamaican industry started taking notice just before Christmas 2017 and it is definitely cause for concern.

Both Nembhard and Panohie claim flour originating in Trinidad is being sold here for US$26 to US$27 per 45-kilogram bag, while it is being sold in Trinidad for US$38.


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