Jamaica Observer / They call it a hidden jewel: Spego’s Place — a sports bar and grill that’s serving up seafood and confirming its status as the perfect eataway. Spego has on offer: appetisers including shrimp and chicken kebabs or wings; salads: jerk fish, chicken, shrimp or garden; soups in varying sizes and egg and ham, fish or chicken, turkey breast or tuna sandwiches. Also available are burgers with beef, chicken or seafood meat, or wraps with ham, vegetables, egg & bacon, fish or chicken, and seafood or chicken pastas.

And if you are a meat lover who just happens to desire the protein by itself, that’s an option too. The pork is served jerked or barbecued with pork chops also grilled, barbecued or smoked; chicken: grilled or cooked in Alfredo sauce, curried or jerked and their beef can be had BBQ’d, peppered or grilled.

Dessert is also on the menu too, with ice creams, cheesecakes, Black Forest and carrot cakes — quite the mouthful.

Spego’s manager Julian Sinclair told Thursday Food , “everyone seems to like the fish. It tastes different, and that’s because of the way we do it and everything else here — homestyle.”

Of course, patrons also come for the private location of the sports bar and grill, and Sinclair explained why.

“It’s hidden, and that’s a part of our goal. People like the idea that they are not on a main road, and can unwind, feel comfortable. In fact, many come here to hide,” she said.

Spego’s Place left us with the sense of being at the beach without actually being there. But if that doesn’t float your boat, the copious servings of fresh flavourful seafood will!



Find them at:

Address: 3 Ferry Pen, 6 Miles, Kingston

Tel #: 325-2285/ 610-9353

Opening hours: Mondays – Saturdays 11am

Closing hours: Mondays – Wednesdays 12am

Thursdays – Saturdays 2am




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