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They often say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And these days, women are finding beauty in the bottles of concealers, foundations, lippies and mascaras. But are men really feeling their reformed looks, or do they view the fairer sex as deformed crooks, tricking the crowd in the treat of appearance? The Flair hit the streets and asked the men venturing in and around the environs of Papine Square whether or not they liked seeing a woman in makeup, and why?

I like when ladies are natural. Makeup reminds me of the dead returning again. For me, I just prefer them natural.

Christopher Clarke

More time, when women take off their makeup, you have to be wondering if it’s still them because they look so ugly without it. Some can’t do without it still: so it go. But when some women wear makeup, it makes them look like a ghost.

Omar Ellis

I prefer women in their natural form. Maybe it’s because of the upbringing, growing up in a household with a father as a pastor. I don’t like it.

Everton Bailey

Well, it varies. Settings are important so if she’s wearing makeup to a formal event or parties then that’s fine. But I don’t support it on a day to day basis, like if you;re going to the supermarket.

Rasheed McLean

Yes I like makeup but not too much. For a female, a little makeup brings out her beauty, but too much pasted on the face doesn’t do it for me.

Lawayne Simpson

No, I don’t like women in makeup. Makeup makes them too shiny and over time brings pimples of their faces. Natural is the way to go for me.

Christopher Pinto

Yes, I love when a woman wears makeup. It makes them look sweet and gives them a nice beauty.

Dender Marriott

I don’t mind women in makeup, it just depends on how it is applied. As long as it is done properly. I’m good.

Joseph Bailey


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