RJR News / The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) says with applications now closed for the post of Police Commissioner, it is hoping that the country will know shortly who will take on the role.   The JCC in a statement Wednesday morning said the Police Service Commission should go through the process carefully, but expeditiously.   Applications for the post closed on Friday.   There has been debate about whether there are suitable candidates within the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), suggesting that the new Commissioner should come from outside the police force or overseas.   But the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce said it is not convinced that the candidates to be considered should exclude the officer corps of the JCF.    It said it does not accept the premise that the top rank of the JCF is bereft of individuals with the requisite skills, integrity, and independence of mind to get the job done.   The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) has said whoever is selected must not only have the capacity to perform, but also be properly resourced in order to produce the quantifiable results that Jamaica needs both in the short and long term.    More visible    In the meantime, the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce has urged the Police High Command to extend islandwide, the high visibility of  police personnel at major intersections.   The JCC has lauded the JCF for the move pointing out that it has long bemoaned the arrant indiscipline of some motorists.   It said change in behaviours will come once wrongdoers believe that their infractions will be severely sanctioned.    Since last week, the police have been seen manning troublesome intersections for smoother traffic flow.   Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, Commanding Officer of the Police Highway and Traffic Division, said a plan has been put in place to deal specifically with afternoon traffic issues.  


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