RJR News / Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has disagreed with the view being expressed by some that the appointment of Justice Brian Sykes as acting Chief Justice is unconstitutional.   The Parliamentary Opposition as well as the Jamaican Bar Association have called Justice Sykes’ appointment unconstitutional and an affront to the principles of the Judiciary system.    But the Justice Minister on Friday referred to this as nonsense, adding that “there is no doubt Justice Sykes has turned out to be an outstanding candidate.”   “If the Prime Minister had appointed someone to act and that person turned out to be a disaster, then it’s obvious that everyone would say, it’s a good thing. What has happened (is that) it has demonstrated that Justice Sykes has very fulsome support…and I strongly believe that in short order something will happen,” Mr. Churck asserted.    Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been urged to resolve the issue and confirm Justice Sykes as Chief Justice.  


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