MiamiHerald / Justin Timberlake is courting controversy at the Super Bowl. Again. And this one hasn’t even happened yet.

No, this isn’t about Janet Jackson and that whole wardrobe malfunction thing of 14 years ago. This time it’s Prince. He died in 2016. But he’s going to be a part of the halftime show at Sunday’s Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis if Timberlake’s rehearsals for Sunday’s big half time show have anything to say about that.

According to TMZ ‘s sneak peak posted on Saturday, JT plans to perform with a holographic image of the late pop star. Not everyone thinks that’s cool. Not the least because it’s going to happen in Prince’s hometown.

And even Prince had words to say about this very thing way back in his “Lovesexy” era when he told Guitar World in a 1988 interview that virtual performances with artists from the past – read: dead people – “is the most demonic thing imaginable.


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