Chinadaily / PANAMA CITY – Lawmakers in Panama are considering proposals to launch direct flights to China, as the Central American country moves to bolster cooperation after establishing diplomatic ties with China last summer.

The proposals as well as accords on enhancing maritime trade and security, were presented to lawmakers here on Wednesday by Foreign Affairs Minister Luis Miguel Hincapie, the ministry said.

Air China is expected to begin operating twice weekly flights to Panama, with a stopover in Houston, Texas, starting in March.

In maritime matters, both nations seek most favored nation status to benefit from preferential rates for cargo ships, the ministry said.

These accords, which need to be ratified by congress to take effect, are the first of some 23 cooperation agreements or memorandums of understanding (MOUs) signed between the two countries since they established diplomatic ties in June 2017. MOUs and some of the simpler agreements do not require legislative approval.


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