Chinadaily / Stephon Marbury waves after his retirement match in Beijing, Feb 11, 2018. [Photo/IC] BEIJING – Former NBA star Stephon Marbury finished with 20 points in his retirement match on Sunday, as his Aolong defeated Jiangsu 104-92 in the last round of the regular season of 2017-2018 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

Kissing the floor before the match, the veteran only got two points in the first half. Gathering up energies, he scored three three-pointers in the second half and helped Aolong expand the lead.

Bowing to audiences, Marbury put his No.3 shirt to his teammate He Xining. “The experiences in China are very important in my professional career, even my life.” he said in his retirement ceremony after the match.

After playing in NBA for 14 years, Marbury came to CBA in 2010 and received three championship rings in four seasons, getting a foreigner’s permanent residence card of China in 2016.

Although winning the match, Aolong was still knocked out of the playoffs.

After beating Qingdao 114-100 on Sunday, Shanghai got the final berth of the playoffs, as Jimmer Fredette scored 49 points.

In other matches played on Sunday, Tianjin edged Shandong 128-126, Shenzhen smashed Guangzhou 138-121, Liaoning won over Guangdong 112-85, Shanxi defeated Tongxi 111-106, Jilin downed Sichuan 98-83, Xinjiang tamed Zhejiang 126-94, Beijing beat Guangsha 100-88, Fujian overwhelmed Bayi 135-112.

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