MiamiHerald / Miami tops a new list of energy-inefficient cities, which comes as no surprise to any South Floridian who has ever paid an electricity bill after a sweltering July.

Arcadia Power , a clean energy company, surveyed 7,400 of its customers in 15 cities – including hundreds of Miamians – on their electricity use. Data released Tuesday showed Miami’s energy usage is 25 percent above the national average.

Considering energy use is one of the biggest factors affecting how severe climate change will be (and that Miami is one of the most vulnerable cities in the nation), this isn’t a good look for the Magic City. At least it has company. Arcadia’s list saw other cities likely to be impacted by climate change, including Atlanta, Charlotte and Phoenix, ranked as more inefficient cities too.

In fact, Arcadia said that these cities are “shooting themselves in the foot” by emitting avoidable greenhouse gasses.


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