Jamaica Gleaner / Former Prime Minister P.J Patterson says Prime Minister Andrew Holness should reconsider his position to appoint Bryan Sykes to act as Chief Justice.

Prime Minister Holness has been blasted by critics for appointing the jurist to act instead of a permanent post saying it amounts to putting the judge on probation which interferes with the principle of separation of powers.

But the head of government has maintained his position saying he is from a new age with a new way of thinking.

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“Actions that brings (sic) results will determine the assumption of the role of chief justice,” Holness had told the audience at Sykes’ swearing in.

IN PHOTO: Prime Minister Andrew Holness speaking with Acting Chief Justice Bryan Sykes on Thursday.

But Patterson, in an interview on Nationwide Radio last evening, took issue with the prime minister arguing that the acting appointment has placed Sykes in an unpleasant position.

He said the Chief Justice should not be fettered and the separation of powers must be maintained.

The former prime minister contends that security of tenure is an important element for the discharge of judicial function by the Chief Justice.

  Former Prime Minister P.J Patterson


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