RJR News / A major row has reportedly developed between the Petroleum Company of  Jamaica, Petcom, and several gas station dealers.   They are upset about what is being described as Petcom’s heavy-handed approach in protecting its equipment at service stations after the dealers decided to end their contract with the company    As was reported by RJR News yesterday, the Supreme Court held a special sitting  on Sunday  to hear an application to restrain Petcom from dismantling a gas station in New Hope, Westmoreland.   The dealers have turned to the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association for help. According to the JGRA despite the dealers attempt to settle the matter Petcom in the presence of the police has ribbed out equipment causing damages to property.   He says about 40 persons are now unemployed as some gas stations have gone out of business due to the actions of  Petcom. Mr. Chong disclosed that other dealers have taken action against the company.                                                                                                                   Meanwhile, attorney for Petcom, Sean Kinghorn, has shed light on what prompted the company to dismantle the equipment from some gas stations.   He says when Petcom was sold to Phoenix Fuels and Accessories more than a year ago, some gas station dealers who still had contracts with the Petroleum Company of  Jamaica started doing business with other petroleum marketing companies.    Mr. Kinghorn says Phoenix is ready to defend its actions in court noting that the contract gives Petcom the right to remove the equipment.   The matter will be heard in court  on Friday .  


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