Jamaica Observer / KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Police Officers ‘ Association (POA) has thrown its support behind the Police Federation in its call for the resignation of Professor Anthony Harriott as head of the Police Civilian Oversight Authority (PCOA). “We also believe that Professor Harriott should not be considered to serve on any other oversight body for the JCF, or any entity to which the JCF is accountable. We are also demanding a full and complete retraction of those comments, followed by an apology,” the POA said.

It said that for Harriott to say the JCF is “toxic” is to suggest that the organisation is poisonous, a complete waste, lacks any form of merit and further, is irredeemable.

Against this background, Professor Harriott would have failed in his responsibilities, he being the head of the transformational body, the POA contended.

In reference to Professor Harriott’s comments about the “occupational culture of the JCF ” the POA said it “ find it to be damaging to the integrity, credibility and the image of the JCF, and worse, to assert that we are “not called to account,” is blatantly untruthful. The JCF as a professional organisation is called upon by several entities both external and internal, to prove its stewardship such as the Police Service Commission, the PCOA, INDECOM, the Inspectorate of the Constabulary, BSI and even MOCA.”

It said that Harriott, who has had a long-standing relationship with the JCF, has disappointed the officers of the force and has significantly compromised that relationship.

The POA said it will be referring the article to the JCF’s Legal Department for further review.


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