RJR News / The St. Elizabeth police are searching for a man who threw a corrosive substance on a woman then set her on fire on Monday night.   The woman, a bartender, suffered severe burns and is hospitalised in serious condition.   The police are trying to find her former boyfriend, Ian Stephenson, otherwise called Jaro in connection with the incident.   RJR News has been informed that Mr. Stephenson is out on bail on charges of rape, buggery and grievous sexual assault.   He is scheduled to appear before the St. Elizabeth Circuit Court on Thursday.   Reports are that about 9:30 Monday night, Mr. Stephenson approached the 32 year old bartender at her place of work in Barber Green, Southfield.    An argument developed and the accused emptied a container of  liquid on the woman and then set her ablaze.   Residents and patrons of the bar went to her rescue.


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