RJR News / A St. Elizabeth man who was charged after reportedly being found in the company of a teenaged girl at a house in Southfield in the parish was freed when he appeared in the St. Elizabeth Circuit Court on Tuesday.   Kevin James, 33, who was charged with rape, having sex with someone under 16 and harbouring a juvenile, was freed after relatives and the complainant told the court that they will not be pursuing the matter any further.   The reason was not outlined in court.   Following the revelation, Justice Martin Gayle dismissed the matter.   Mr. James was picked up on the night of February 7 following information that a girl was seen at his house.   Reports are that the 16 year old left Manchester saying she was going to visit relatives in St. Elizabeth.   However, relatives with whom she had said she was visiting received information that she was living in Southfield with Mr. James and reported the matter to the police.  


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