Trinidad Express / Neil ‘Iwer’ George in, Sunny Bling out.

This was the case on Monday night for the annual Machel Monday thrown by soca star Machel Montano.

Bling, who was definitely left out, was forced to sit on the side lines and watch the show.

The comedian vowed he will never attend the event after he was barred from performing with Neil ‘Iwer’ George at the show on Monday night.

Bling did a parody of George’s hit song, ‘Savannah’ called ‘Doubles and channa’.

Social media was buzzing yesterday, when Bling decided to air his grievances on his TV talkshow, Sunny at Sundown.

Bling said, “Iwer say that Machel and them say – Iwer we think it is in your best interest yuh don’t put Sunny Bling as part of your performance tonight.”

While some who were with him in the studio did not believe it Bling said, “I believe it”.

Stating it was Montano’s show, and he could choose who he wanted to perform on stage, the comedian vowed he would not attend the show again.

Bling stressed he was not mad at anyone, and said, he has great respect for Montano and his business partner, Tony Chow Lin On.

Though the incident was unfortunate for Bling, many felt Montano was right to say what he had to say.

Here were some of the comments on social media:

The level of ignorance here is damning. Machel is within his right to not allow Sunny to perform at HIS show! Y’all condone too much nonsense! It’s not that type of show, acknowledge what the man said and move tf on. Stop being so salty it’s not a good look and People please do better! Y’all really need to do better!

As Machel simply said it was just not that type of show No pun intended…Sunny I understand ur disappointment however comedy was not part of his show so chillax.

Machel Monday is not a clown train Sunny Bling dont toat no feeling you were not invited and iwer cant bring you on Machel stage.


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