/ More and more people are working outside traditional offices: they’re heading to co-working spaces set in lush tropical getaways . Others are even swapping home offices with total strangers .

But for photographer Claudius Schulze, it’s about taking work life on the road – or on the river, his case.

When Schulze realised how expensive land was in his city, he built his own houseboat from scratch – for the fraction of the cost of a landed property. He regularly takes his homemade, on-the-go flat to several cities across Europe.

Schulze might be on to something. Floating homes have already been pursued as a solution to overcrowding in cities , and some young Londoners are using houseboats to escape rising costs.

It’s a housing option that seems surprisingly within reach for those who are handy enough. Could it be an option for digital nomads and other office-free workers?

Video by Daniel Loher.

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