RJR News /   The Cornwall Bar Association has announced that it will be submitting at least three cases to the recently constituted Emergency Powers Review Tribunal concerning matters related to the State of  Emergency in St James.   Stacy Ann Young, President of the Association, confirmed that these relate to persons who have been in custody since last month.   The tribunal was commissioned recently under the Emergency Powers Act to hear and consider appeals by persons who have been detained by the security forces under the State of  Emergency.   Mrs Young told RJR News that, based on the Association’s information, the period of detention for some persons is now a matter of concern, so a review is necessary.   At least three persons have been in custody since January 18.   “With regard to those three persons, she said it was the Association’s intention to “bring the attention before the Tribunal, so the documents will be filed this week.”   There was also one female who has been in custody since January 30, she told RJR News , “and contact has been made with the DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) in charge and he is to get back to me about what he intends to do, if he intends to release or question that individual.   She said the Cornwall Bar Association is anticipating more information from the police about the status of  other detainees.   Forty-five people have been charged under the State of Emergency.           


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