Jamaica Observer / In an article published in the Jamaica Observer on Sunday, January 28, 2018 entitled ‘UCASE takes UC Rusal to IDT’, reference was made to the closing hearings before the Industrial Disputes Tribunal (“the Tribunal” or “the IDT”) concerning a wage dispute between the Union of Clerical, Administrative, and Supervisory Employees (“UCASE”) and UC Rusal Alumina Jamaica Limited (“UC Rusal”). The article quoted from statements made by the attorney for UCASE, which repeated the contents of a letter that had been written to the Tribunal and copied to the Ministry of Finance.

It has been brought to the attention of the Jamaica Observer that at the hearing of the dispute between UCASE and UC Rusal, the IDT had ruled that it would not accept the letter to which reference was made and UCASE’s attorney was directed to withdraw same. The contents of the said letter were therefore never admitted or entered into the records of the Tribunal.

In light of the foregoing, the Jamaica Observer accepts that as the dispute remains pending before the Tribunal, it was not proper to publish the content of the said letter and we apologise for having done so. We wish to assure the public, UC Rusal, and the Tribunal that there was no intent on our part to disregard the ruling of the Tribunal or to, in any way, prejudice the Tribunal’s determination of the matter before it.

The Jamaica Observer also accepts that the content of the article published on January 28, 2018 contained material inaccuracies and therefore wholly withdraws same.

In the circumstances, the Jamaica Observer is satisfied that the statements contained in the said article were unfounded and we desire to express our regret to UC Rusal for any inconvenience or embarrassment that was caused.


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