Jamaica Observer / KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) — General Manager of the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) Dr Damian Graham says work is advanced in selecting the location for the country’s third city. He said that consultants have been engaged to identify possible sites, and the findings will be shared with the public by year end.

He said the work being done includes forecasting and horizon scanning in order to identify the best suited location, “both in geological terms and the impact that it will have on future development of the country”.

“We are very confident that the process that we are embarking on, with the best minds in Jamaica and techniques and tools that we are using, will (find) the best location,” he said.

Establishment of a third city has been mandated by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who has charged the UDC Board to undertake the project as part of its core goals.

The new city is intended to ease the burden on the infrastructure of Kingston, and support the Government’s objectives of having two-thirds of the population living in urban centres.

“It will be a smart city and that is the template that we are looking at for it, and we are well ahead with that,” Dr Graham said.

He said the UDC is also looking at a national urban plan to ensure that a policy is in place to guide development for the next 50 years.

The mission of the UDC is to fulfill its role as the nation’s main urban and rural development agency and facilitator.

This, by effectively and efficiently assigning and managing its resources, so as to ensure the economic viability of the Corporation, sustainable national development, and the best quality of life for the citizens of Jamaica.


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