Trinidad Express / THE POLICE this afternoon issued an update to the revelation on Thursday that there was credible information of an imminent threat to disrupt the Carnival.

The announcement led to alarming headlines in Europe and North America of a coming ‘Jihadi attack’.

Trinidad and Tobago has been identified as the country, based on population size, where more of its citizens that any other have left to join ISIS to fight and die in a ‘Holy War” in the Middle East.

Local authorities say they have been monitoring whether any of these fighters have attempted to return to the country.

The  persons of interest in custody are presently being interviewed and active operations are continuing in relation to the threat to disrupt Carnival activities, the police said.

“Prior to this however, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service had implemented certain security measures to provide for the safety and security of residents and visitors. 

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service will continue in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force to ensure that persons enjoy Carnival 2018 in a safe and secure environment.  

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service gives the assurance to residents and visitors, alike, that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service supported by partner agency, the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, will be providing the necessary security and safety arrangements for Carnival 2018 to be effectively enjoyed by all” the TTPS stated.

The police press conference led to screaming headlines in the UK, Canada and the US, with the US Embassy, and the British Foreign Office issues advisories to its citizens of a “likely” terror attack.



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