WHEN six concrete blocks came tumbling down on him on Sunday, little Pawaan Granger suffered massive cerebral trauma, which caused his death within minutes. An autopsy on the five-year-old’s body was done at the Forensic Sciences Centre in Port of Spain yesterday by pathologist Dr Hughvon des Vignes.

His mother, Natasha Granger, said Pawaan was picking tulsi leaves to eat outside his Coolman Trace, Fyzabad home around 9am on Sunday when the incident occurred. When Natasha and her husband Mikhail Granger found the child’s body, Mikhail put the child on his back and ran to the nearby Fyzabad Health Centre. Unfortunately doctors there could do nothing to resuscitate Pawaan.

Despite the circumstance of Pawaan’s death, Mikhail said he would not cast blame on anyone. Granger, 58, said he understands the wall which fell on his son was built by the previous tenants of the buildings.

His family has been renting the property for the past year. “I met them on a few occasions and I know they did that work to try to open up a catering business, they did it themselves, and it would not be prudent of me to cast blame or point fingers at anyone at this time,” he said.

But he said anyone undertaking construction should be extremely careful and use due diligence.


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