The Trinidad Guardian / Improving Tobago’s tourism sector and its sea and air bridge facilities are top priorities for Claude Benoit, the new chairman of the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce Tobago Division. He heads a new executive council voted into office on Monday

A businessman with an extensive media background-he is Managing Director of Tobago Channel 5-Benoit said tourism is “all that Tobago has.”

“And its about how we are going to make it work. We need to come up with a comprehensive plan to get the island functioning because the whole sector has crumpled.

“Once we have that then other things will fall into place. We have some ideas we want to share with the Government to have it working better…with the correct ideas and suggestions we can now improve this,” he said.

Commenting on expectations for the upcoming Easter weekend, Benoit said this is heavily dependent on the sea and air bridge.

“If they are functioning well you could come to the conclusion that it will be a good weekend but the challenges still remain in those areas.”

Attorney Martin George, the Chamber’s new vice-chairman, said Tobago needs optimism and a sense of hope.

“We need a breath of fresh air and we need to take a paradigm shift in terms of how we look at things. Instead of seeing the glass empty I want us to see it as half full and we accentuate the positives and we build on our strengths,” he said.

Other members of the new executive are honorary secretary Natalie Mahabir, assistant secretary Jason Arthur and committee members David Wong, Diane Hadad, Shedley Branche, Claude Almandoz and Kai Townsend.


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