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Chief Justice Brian Sykes on Tuesday ruled that Dean Jones, Jamaica Labour Party Councillor, is not eligible to sit in the St Thomas Municipal Corporation.

In the ruling, which was handed down in the Supreme Court, Justice Sykes found that Mr. Jones was employed as a civil servant at the time of  his election as Councillor for the Yallahs division in the November 2016 Local Government polls, which is not allowed under the relevant statute.

Constantine Bogle, the People’s National Party’s candidate who ran against Mr. Jones in the election, filed the election petition challenging the decision to install Mr. Jones as Councillor.

Up to the time of the court ruling there was a five-five tie between the PNP and JLP in the St Thomas Municipal Corporation.

However, the JLP having secured the most votes in the election, was able to choose the Chairman of  the St. Thomas Municipal Corporation and Mayor from its caucus.

In light of the ruling, the PNP now has a 5-4 majority in the Municipal Corporation.



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