MiamiHerald / The prison time and restitution in the sentence received by Pompano Beach’s Timothy Beverley send a message: If you’re going to rip off a company for millions, give the Internal Revenue Service its thousands. And don’t lie about it to the government.

Beverley, 61, got seven years and six months in federal prison on Friday after being found guilty on four counts of wire fraud, four counts of filing fraudulent tax returns and five counts of false statements to the United States. Beverley did five years for wire fraud from 2005-2010

The wire fraud charges stem from Beverley’s actions after being given signature authority on a company’s bank accounts, as aircraft dealer Majestic Jet did: He embezzled more than $2.2 million.

By not telling the U.S. Probation Office about his illegal supplemental income, he was adjudged to have committed the false statements crime.


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