Jamaica Observer / Each year the Carnival season in Jamaica brings to life vibrant pulsating rhythms, the backdrop against which socaphiles, adorned in a dazzling array of costumes, share in the revellery of the moment. Carnival make-up provides an opportunity for self-expression and transforms revellers into fairies, goddesses and nymphs, faces aglow in the colours of the season. Choosing the right make-up palette is a sure way to get noticed on the road, and Gabriella’s Cosmetics is just in time with its latest collection of metallics dubbed “Glitz N Glam”. The look of Carnival is vibrant hues and today’s look will feature a palette by Gabriella’s Cosmetics, whose tagline ‘Awakening the beautiful new you’, is sure to inspire women everywhere.

The collection features a selection of rich colours each with a shimmer which unfolds across an eight-colour palette: 14 metallic eyeshadow singles and five metallic lip colours. Designed to careful specifications, the eyeshadows and lipstick textures meld with the skin as vibrant, glittery lines forge a look of confidence with a sophisticated beauty signature.

To create the look featured, make-up artist Sue-Ann Gordon-Pitter enlisted the assistance of her sister Shameika Gordon as her live canvas. The look came to life using Gabriella’s Cosmetics’ “Glitz N Glam” metallics palette and upcoming new products including their highlighter palette, contour palette, blush palette and the ‘Violet Haze’ eyeshadow palette.

Sue-Ann incorporated shades from the GC highlighter palette to achieve ultra-glowy, moist-looking skin. The palette features dark to light press powder highlighters with a pearlised finish, including ‘Snow Queen’, a silver-hued winter shade for dual tones used during the shoot along with the richly-textured and decadent ‘Chocolate Bronze’.

The refillable contour palette provides rich creamy textures in dark to light shades for easy blending and added dimension. It contains eight highly pigmented, non-greasy shades for dry to oily skin and 24-hour wear with Sue-Ann incorporating the shades ‘Ivory’, ‘Chestnut’ and ‘Deep’ as she built the look.

The look also featured ‘Golden Glaze’ from the upcoming eight-colour Gabriella’s Cosmetics blush palette and from their ‘Violet Haze’ eyeshadow palette the shades ‘Violet Velvet’ and ‘Violet Crème’. She finished the look for the eyes with an elegantly blended mix of ‘Charm’, ‘Blue Shimmer’, ‘Glamour’ and ‘Romance’ from the “Glitz N Glam” metallics palette and for the lips ‘Purple Haze’ was seamlessly blended with ‘Bronze Shimmer’.

The final result is a Carnival look that features beautiful colours with a shimmery shine bound to get you noticed on the road! Look out for us in the weeks leading up to Carnival at various exclusive locations.

Gabriella’s Cosmetics “Glitz N Glam” metallics collection is coming soon to a store near you and is available online with worldwide shipping from its headquarters in Switzerland.


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