The Trinidad Guardian / On Sunday, April 1, singer/songwriter Ruth Osman, jazz guitarist Theron Shaw and singer/guitarist Nigel Rojas of Orange Sky fame, will combine their musical talent for the first instalment of Love Warriors: The Concert.

Osman, who is producing the show in collaboration with MIRO Productions, says that she had come up with the concept a few years ago when a promoter asked for the name of her band “I half-jokingly said ‘Ruth Osman and the Love Warriors’ but then it occurred to me that Love Warriors could be a call to action, a rallying cry for people who want to make a difference, and also a salute to cultural icons who have positively impacted this space.”

The Guyanese singer, who has been living in Trinidad for more than a decade, says that she has met persons who fit that definition.

She added: “The musicians that I have worked with over the years: Marva Newton, back in our Jacoustik days, Gillian Moor, and more recently Wayne Guerra, Makesi Richards, Sheena Richardson and of course, Theron Shaw. These are people who use their craft to send out positive vibes.”

Osman says that those who come to the show will experience that positive energy through her collaborations with Rojas, Shaw and their band of musicians.

She said: “I am very excited to be working with Terry (Shaw) and Nigel (Rojas). They are stellar musicians and composers in their own right. And blending our voices and unique styles will make for a beautiful and interesting experience.”

The event will be held at Kaiso Blues Café, a space which, under the management of Carl Jacobs at 85 Woodford Street, Newtown, has become a mecca for local artistes and musicians.

“I would really like to thank Carl for all that he continues to do for the local music scene,” Osman says. ‘He is the epitome of a Love Warrior.”

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