The Trinidad Guardian / On a very recent evening while driving home, I experienced an episode that could have ended in a disastrous road traffic accident. I was travelling east along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway and had just driven through the intersection of Trincity Mall and beginning to re-accelerate. But for some unknown reason, which some would call a sixth sense or unexplained intuition, I hesitated to ramp my seed up to 100 km per hour in attempts to keep moving along.

Suddenly, while driving along in the farthest right lane, right under the Oropune walkover, I vaguely noticed the figure of a woman wearing a dark skirt. That area of the highway is poorly lit so I almost did not make her out as she sauntered her way to the median.

The experience was stark and maddening at the same time. If only I had accelerated, I would not have been able to slow down for her to escape the path of my car and I would have most likely killed her.

What could cause an individual to cross a busy highway at night, even though a walkover is available for use?

If proper and safe provision already exists for pedestrians to walk in safety, why then are people still risking their lives and endangering the lives of drivers by crossing the busy highway in the dark?

I did not hear in any news reports of a woman being hit in that area on that date, so by the grace of God, she made it across as we say “by the skin of her teeth.”

But I hope my sharing this story will prompt pedestrians who are inclined to want to risk running across the highway, to reconsider such a disastrous move.

It’s not just the drivers but you, those travelling by foot, who have a responsibility to maintain safety on the roads.



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