RJR News / Phase two of a $123 million islandwide spray patching programme is to get underway in several parishes next week.    The National Works Agency (NWA) will patch 4,750 square meters of  roads in Kingston and St. Andrew, Westmoreland, Manchester and St. James over a two week period.   NWA Communication Manager Stephen Shaw said the spray patching programme started last month.   He added that more than twenty roads in Kingston, Portland and St. Catherine have been patched under phase one, which is set to wrap up in another two weeks in Clarendon.    Spray patching involves the repairing of potholes with a mixture of  asphalt emulsion and stones with the use of a high pressure machine that uses compressed air.   The method is used to address small potholes and road surfaces which are not yet extensively eroded.    The programme is being financed through the Road Maintenance Fund.  


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