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Ruddy Spencer, Minister of State in the Ministry of  Finance & the Public Service, is facing strong condemnation in response to his statement promising increased assistance for Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters through the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) now that a member of  the party is the chairman of the agency’s board.

Mr. Spencer was speaking at the JLP’s Area Three Council meeting in Bellefield, Manchester on Sunday.

Former Clarendon North Western MP Michael Stern was appointed RADA chairman last August. 

The opposition People’s National Party (PNP) has declared that it is alarmed and outraged at the statement.

In a media release on Tuesday morning, the PNP demanded an investigation by the Auditor General to ascertain whether the resources of RADA have been allocated in breach of its mandate.

The PNP said Mr. Spencer, who represents a constituency with farming communities, should know better and must apologize to farmers across the country for what it said was his attempt at politicizing the distribution of farm-related products and other resources.

Julian Robinson, General Secretary of the PNP, told RJR News that his party had noted “a trend with this government,” in which significant sums of state resources have been spent to garner votes for the JLP.

This trend, he said, started with the November 2016 Local Government Election, where $800 million was spent in a partisan way,” and in a subsequent by-election, and in road contracts.

“This type of political victimisation should be condemned by all well thinking members of society,” he declared.

He’s therefore urging Prime Minister Andrew Holness to publicly repudiate the statement and “state clearly what the policy of his government is with respect to what Ruddy Spencer said.”



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