Jamaica Observer / FORTY-TWO motorcycles and 19 motor cars, valued at more than $100 million, were Tuesday handed over to the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). The vehicles were handed over by Security Minister Robert Montague to Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson at the JCF’s Transport Management and Maintenance Division.

Speaking at the handover, Minister Montague highlighted the support and commitment of the ministry to providing the necessary resources for the JCF and his support for the newly appointed commissioner of police.

“This underlines the ministry’s thrust to provide the necessary policy support and resources to JCF to get the job done. My confidence in the commissioner is well known. The general will bring to the job his own unique style. His success will be all of Jamaica’s success and our commitment is to continue to provide the necessary resources.”

In accepting the vehicles and the significant boost to the mobility of the JCF, General Anderson said: “It is not often that you come to a job and the first thing you do is receive resources. The minister has been continuously pushing resources to the force [and] we have to ensure that we are in a position to receive them, to maintain them and that they are used in the way that they ought to be used on the road.

”My commitment is that we will account for them, we will take care of them. I will deliver a better service through having them and we will continue to make a difference that the public will see, and each day we will improve the trust and credibility of the JCF,” he said.

The motorcycles are to be allocated to the JCF’s Traffic Division in order to create greater mobility in urban areas and to manoeuvre high traffic areas effectively, while the 19 cars are to be assigned to the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) across the 19 police divisions.

According to the security ministry, provision of the vehicles is in keeping with its ‘Five Pillar Crime Reduction Strategy’ to aid effective policing by boosting the mobility of the JCF.


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